The Tech Transfer Office

The Tech Transfer Office is responsible for ensuring that society benefits as best as possible from inventions made at University of Copenhagen (UCPH) and the hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark. As a result, the Tech Tranfer Office is responsible for:

  • ensuring optimal conditions for collaborations between the University and external partners, including negotiating all agreements relating to the University’s IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)
  • protecting and handling UCPH’s IPR
  • assessing the commercial potential of research results;
  • commercialising research results.

Commercialisation of inventions
When a UCPH researcher has produced results that could be of commercial interest, he or she must report it to the Tech Transfer Office by completing an Invention Disclosure Form. When the Tech Transfer Office receives an invention disclosure, one of the office’s Commercial Officers will assess:

  • the commercial potential of the invention
  • the patentability of the invention (usually with an external patent attorney) 

If the outcome of the assessment is positive, UCPH will assume the rights to the invention and then the Commercial Officer will work closely with the inventors on commercialising the invention through an existing business or a new company (spin-out).

Intellectual Property Rights
You never know if a research project will lead to an invention. It is therefore important to involve a legal advisor from the Tech Transfer Office, so they can ensure – before the project starts – that the ownership of project related IPR is clear. UCPH staff can read more here, and external parties can read more here.

Please note that the Tech Transfer Office does not manage collaboration agreements for the hospitals in the Capital Region, including those concerning IPR. These agreements are still handled by the Capital Region.