The Tech Transfer Office

The Tech Transfer Office is responsible for ensuring that society benefits as best as possible from inventions made at University of Copenhagen (UCPH). As a result, the Tech Transfer Office is responsible for:

  • ensuring optimal conditions for collaborations between the University and external partners, including negotiating all agreements relating to the University’s IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)
  • protecting and handling UCPH’s IPR
  • assessing the commercial potential of research results;
  • commercialising research results.








Tech Transfer Office 
Research & Innovation
Tagensvej 16A
2200 København N
Phone: +45 353-26603
E-mail Tech Transfer Office


Name Title Phone E-mail
Anne Englev Special Consultant +4535327773 E-mail
Annette Fløcke Lorenzen Senior Consultant +4535326607 E-mail
Cathal John Mahon Commercial Officer +4535337451 E-mail
Ebru Ücler Cakir Academic Officer +4535322173 E-mail
Eva Lessèl Senior Consultant +4535326606 E-mail
Hanne Junker Elmelund Special Consultant +4535321452 E-mail
Ida Albrechtsen Administrative Officer   E-mail
Julie Xueni Ma External +4535325534 E-mail
Karen Laigaard Senior Consultant with personnel management +4535327054 E-mail
Kasper Malling Kjer Nørtov Special Consultant +4535329221 E-mail
Katja Johansen Special Consultant +4535337240 E-mail
Klavs Riishede Hansen Special Consultant +4535336093 E-mail
Kristine Nordkvist Special Consultant +4535337587 E-mail
Lea Marie Omdahl Student +4535326650 E-mail
Lene Kofod Sørensen Academic Officer +4535337562 E-mail
Lukas Schwarz Thorsteinsson Academic Officer +4535334772 E-mail
Martin Mønsted Jensen Special Consultant +4535332669 E-mail
Mette Andrup Senior Consultant +4535326334 E-mail
Niels Lysholm Engelhard Senior Consultant +4535326330 E-mail
Peter Stein Nielsen Commercial Officer +4521647447 E-mail
Tobias Mark Jensen Academic Officer +4535330746 E-mail