The Tech Transfer Office

The Tech Transfer Office is responsible for ensuring that society benefits as best as possible from inventions made at University of Copenhagen (UCPH) and the hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark. As a result, the Tech Tranfer Office is responsible for:

  • ensuring optimal conditions for collaborations between the University and external partners, including negotiating all agreements relating to the University’s IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)
  • protecting and handling UCPH’s IPR
  • assessing the commercial potential of research results;
  • commercialising research results.








Tech Transfer Office 
Research & Innovation
Tagensvej 16A
2200 København N
Phone: +45 353-26603
E-mail Tech Transfer Office


Name Title Phone E-mail
Anette Bonde Senior legal adviser +45 287-56335 E-mail
Anne Englev Senior legal adviser +45 353-27773 E-mail
Annette Fløcke Lorenzen Industrial relations manager +45 353-26607 E-mail
Caroline Einstad-Kongsli Academic Officer +45 353-33414 E-mail
Cathal John Mahon Commercial officer +45 353-37451 E-mail
Celina Møller Mistry Legal adviser +45 353-35927 E-mail
Eva Lessèl Senior legal adviser +45 353-26606 E-mail
Hanne Junker Elmelund Senior adviser +45 353-21452 E-mail
Ida Albrechtsen Clerical officer   E-mail
Ida Tuxen Falborg Student assistant +45 353-37588 E-mail
Karen Laigaard +45 353-27054 E-mail
Katja Johansen Senior adviser +45 353-37240 E-mail
Klavs Riishede Hansen Senior adviser +45 353-36093 E-mail
Lene Kofod Sørensen Academic Officer +45 353-37562 E-mail
Liv Søndergaard Thomsen Commercial officer +45 353-25367 E-mail
Martin Mønsted Jensen Senior adviser +45 353-32669 E-mail
Mette Andrup Senior legal adviser +45 353-26334 E-mail
Niels Lysholm Engelhard Senior Executive Consultant +45 353-26330 E-mail
Peter Stein Nielsen Commercial officer +45 21 64 74 47 E-mail
Thea Bang Legal adviser +45 353-22142 E-mail