The Office of Research Services

The Office of Research Services handles a number of research support assignments at the University of Copenhagen in collaboration with the faculties.

The Office’s tasks include management services, coordination of the university's initiatives within business collaboration and phd training, operation and development of the university's research registration system (CURIS).

The Office handles clerical assignments for University of Copenhagen’s Research and Innovation Council (KUFIR) as well as the university's administrative network within research and innovation (KANFI).

The Office's EU Officers assists the University of Copenhagen's researchers with applications for funding from the EU's 7th framework program, Horizon 2020, as well as the subsequent administration of those EU projects coordinated by the university.












Office of Research Services
Research & Innovation
Nørregade 10
1017 København K

Questions on EU-administration:

Questions on EU-applications:


Name Title Phone E-mail
Ann Winther Poulsen Academic administrative officer +45 353-24126 E-mail
Anne Mette Schaffalitzky Senior advisor +45 353-20407 E-mail
Anne Oftebro-Svendsen Senior EU Liaison Officer +45 353-26348 E-mail
Astrid Cermak Senior EU Liaison Officer +45 353-23369 E-mail
Astrid Elisabeth Hasselbalch EU Liaison Officer +45 353-33368 E-mail
Caroline Reipurth Kristensen Academic administrative officer +45 353-23647 E-mail
Cecilie Frølund Kvorning Legal adviser +45 353-32219 E-mail
Diana Nacea Senior legal adviser +45 353-32530 E-mail
Fabienne Abadie EU Liaison Officer +45 353-36258 E-mail
Frederik Mieth Fuglsang Olsson Academic Officer +45 353-24164 E-mail
Karin Norris Senior EU Liaison Officer +45 353-26345 E-mail
Katrine Borg Albertsen Senior adviser +45 353-20877 E-mail
Kirsten Gelting Senior EU Liaison Officer +45 353-23290 E-mail
Laura Pastor Sanz Senior EU Liaison Officer +45 353-31461 E-mail
Magnus Henrik Pulikowska Garling Student +45 353-27078 E-mail
Malene Roost Lytsen EU Liaison Officer +45 353-33080 E-mail
Miriam Koktvedgaard Zeitzen Senior EU Liaison Officer +45 353-35178 E-mail
Nikolaj Helm-Petersen Senior Executive Consultant +45 353-35634 E-mail
Poul Aarup Schjørring +45 353-20034 E-mail
Poul Petersen Senior Executive Consultant +45 353-26346 E-mail
Rasmus Damkjær Christensen Communications consultant +45 353-26322 E-mail
Sofie Hjorth Bislev Academic Officer   E-mail
Svend Kragballe Academic Officer +45 353-22632 E-mail
Torben Høøck Hansen Senior Executive EU Liaison Officer +45 353-20774 E-mail