UCPH's Research and Innovations Council consists of the relevant associate deans from the university's faculties, as well as the prorector and director for research and innovation.

 Navn  Titel  Område
Kirsten Busch Dean (Chair)  THEO
Morten Pejrup Associate Dean for Research  SCIENCE
Henrik Palmer Olsen Associate Dean for research  LAW
Erik Bisgaard Madsen Associate Dean of Business and Public Authorities  SCIENCE
Julie Sommerlund Associate Dean of External Relations  HUM
Mogens Holst Nissen Associate Dean of Research  HEALTH
Trine Winterø Associate Dean of Innovation and External Relations HEALTH
Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen Dean  SOC-SCI
Heike Omerzu Head of Research Council  THEO
Kira Stine Hansen Deputy Director / University Librarian  KUB
Kim Brinckmann Director  R&I

Contact KUFIR

Caroline Reipurth Kristensen
Secretary for KUFIR
Tlf: +45 3532 3647