University of Copenhagen - Research and Innovation Council (KUFIR)

University of Copenhagen's Research and Innovation Council is responsible for identifying and pursuing the university’s strategic development within research, innovation, PhD programme and business collaboration and to determine how this development is best supported by the organisation. The objective is to secure increased external funding, prioritise how the university shall profile its activities externally, and to initiate a greater number of collaborative relationships with private and public entities.

The Council prompts general and interdisciplinary initiatives within research and innovation that may complement the faculties’ own initiatives.

The Council also coordinates R&I work carried out at the faculties by faculty R&I representatives and brings forth suggestions to improve the researcher oriented service at UCPH. This may for instance be service regarding fund applications, commercialisation etc.


 Name  Title  Area
David Dreyer Lassen Prorector for Research (Head)  -
Lise Artelh Associate Dean for Research SCIENCE
Henrik Palmer Olsen Associate Dean for Research LAW
Erik Bisgaard Madsen Associate Dean of Business and Public Authorities SCIENCE
Dorthe Gert Simmonsen Associate Dean for Research and Impact HUM
Mogens Holst Nissen Associate Dean of Research HEALTH
Trine Winterø Associate Dean of Innovation and External Relations HEALTH
Benedicte Brincker Head of Department of Sociology SOC-SCI
Heike Omerzu Associate Dean THEO
Kira Stine Hansen Deputy Director / University Librarian KUB
Kim Brinckmann Director R&I

Contact KUFIR

Louise Engberg
Special Consultant
Tlf: +45 3532 5701